Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From Hyrum D Jensen, son of David and Serena, The David Jensen home near Preston,Idaho. This building is facing south as you can see that the door is in the end of the building. The north part where the people are standing was built in the summer of 1871. The south part was added soon after. When we lived there, there was a shanty added to the south end of the house. The north part of this house was the first house built on the Preston flat. It had a dirt roof as you can see. At the time we moved from Franklin to Worm Creek it had no floor just the bare ground. When the south part was added (which also had a dirt roof) a rough board floor was placed in the two rooms. The log building you can see standing in the rear was used by Joseph Clayton while he was building his log cabin one-half mile south of the homestead. Here is where my mother (Bertha Serena) lived and died. When the funeral was held for her her casket with her body in it was placed on a bench just where the two girls are standing near the east side of the house. The people who attended the funeral were gathered around just about as you can see we were when this picture was taken."
This photo shows a view of the south and west side of the two rooms of the David Jensen home near Preston. The grown people are from left to right: Hyrum D Jensen, Elmer Jensen, Samuel Jensen, George Shaffer, Christina Shaffer, Joseph Jensen, Junius Jensen, Sylvia Jensen, Sarah Alder, Margaret Jensen, Sarah Jensen, Julia Konstance Jensen, Richard Jensen, Charles Petersen, Sara Petersen, Dagmar Jensen, Nora Smart, James Smart, Fredrick Jensen, and May Jensen.
Sons and daughters of David C Jensen and Serena and Julia K Petersen Jensen. Letter in parenthesis means the person is the son or daughter of Serena (S) or Julia (J): Front row, left to right, Samuel (J); Christina (J); Sarah Alder (S); Nora Smart (S); Hyrum (S); Second row left to right, Elmer (J); Fred (S); Junius (J); Antone (S); Oscar (S); Wilford (J); Richard (S); and Joseph (S).

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