Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Annie Christina Sorensen Peterson

Annie was born in Brekke Maridalen, Oslo, Akerhus, Norway the 8 October 1821 to Soren Hansen and Anne Sorine Christiansen Hansen. She married Simon Pedersen/Petersen the 16 December 1842 in East Aker, Akerhus, Oslo, Norway. Simon and Annie had eight children: Berthe Serene born 20 August 1842; Peter Olavis born 19 February 1844; Hans August born 29 July 1846;Christian Elvin born 12 March 1849; Julia Konstance born 30 August 1851;Hendrick Emil born 29 January 1854; Annettie Othellie born 2 July 1858; and Charles Ferdinand born 19 June 1863. In Norway the Petersens were known as Simonsens. Annie's mother, Anne, met the missionaries and was baptized in 1857. Annie waited until 1861 when she was baptized against her husband's wishes and joined the church. Her oldest daughter, Serena, joined 21 February 1862 along with her husband. Julia Konstance was baptized 15 March 1863 when she was 11. The four older boys, Peter, Hans, Christian, and Hendrick were totally against their family's baptism. They never accepted the gospel but would later come to America and settled in Wisconsin. Peter is the only one who had children, so the Wisconsin families are directly related from him. Hans August never married and died of cancer. Christian Elvin went to Canada but never married and died there. Hendrick Emil went away and as to his whereabouts no record is available. Annettie and Charles later joined the church and emigrated with their mother. David and Serena with their daughter, Josephine, and Serena's sister, Julia left Norway and emigrated to Utah on April 6, 1863. David saved money and sent for his mother-in-law, Annie, Annettie, and Charles to come to America. Annie was a wiry, small, thin, rawboned, energetic, extremely friendly, and pleasant person. She was a woman of conviction and was always knitting or doing something with her hands. When she was over 70 she would walk the 10 miles from Franklin to Preston. She gleaned the wool off fences as she went along. Later she carded, spun and knitted the wool, and always knitted as she walked. Peter Olavis came from Wisconsin to Idaho to see his mother, and they talked all night. Annie was not well at the time Peter came. Peter returned to Wisconsin and his mother died a week later. She had been ill for a long time before her death. She died in Christina Shaffer's house where she had lived about a year, November 28, 1899 at the age of 78. She is buried in the Franklin Cemetery. In the summer of 1949 Clarence Simonsen, a grandson of Annis visited Idaho. While in Idaho he went to Franklin to visit the grave of his grandmother. Iris Julia Jensen Spackman, a granddaughter, states, "I remember seeing my great-grandmother, Annie Christina Sorensen Petersen, before she died, at my grandmother's house. I was 6 years old when she died." The following is taken from the words of Berthe Serena Simonsen Petersen Jensen: "Chris was the first of the family to come to America. He had been a janitor in a Latin School and had saved up enough money to come to America. He and one of the neighbor boys came together. After a while he sent for Peter. Peter's wife and small son stayed for a year in Norway with Grandmother Petersen. Her name was Daren Rasmussen and the boy's name was Andrew. After a year Peter sent for them. The little boy died soon after they arrived in America. He had Scarlet Fever and they felt awfully bad. Grandmother Peterson didn't know he was dead and sent him presents but they didn't arrive until after his death. Peter and his wife felt so bad about it they could not stand to tell about it. After a while Peter and Chris sent for Hans. He was a shoemaker. He walked with a limp. He had a very bad leg in the old country. Then they sent for Hendrick, he was wild and woolley. Chris jumped from the threshing machine one fall and hurt his leg. He had to lay in bed all winter. In the spring, a bone came out of his leg and it got better. Peter's wife wanted board from him in the spring and this made Chris angry. He said he didn't feel he owed them money because he paid Peter's way to America and helped to pay his wife's way, and that when he got well they wouldn't know where he had gone. No one heard from him after until he died in Canada and the neighbors let Charlie know. Uncle Charley went but he didn't get there until after they had buried him. When the neighbors saw him coming they knew who he was because he looked so much like Chris. Hans died of cancer of the mouth. He was a shoemaker in the city and he held so many brass tacks in his mouth they thought that started the cancer. Hendrick worked in the thresher. He went away with Chris to see the people Chris had to come to America with and they drifted apart and we do not know what happened to him. Uncle Peter came to visit Grandmother Petersen before she died. He brought lump sugar and Brandy to her. He stayed two weeks. He died with pneumonia. He was sick two weeks. He had six sons and they are all in Wisconsin.

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