Monday, April 16, 2012

Obituary of Mary Gloster Black

Inkpen Common Nr Hungerford
The late Mrs. Amos Black, maiden name Mary (hidden but at the top of the page is written Gloster). Through the death of Mrs. Amos Black, of the Common at Inkpen, a familiar figure has been removed from the neighborhood. She and her husband attended all the fairs and fetes in the district in their younger days. She died on the 21 inst at the age of 81, after ailing for several months.
She was buried in Inkpen Churchyard on Monday afternoon, in the presence of a large number of friends.
The principle mourners were, Amos Black (husband); Mr. Amos Black (son); Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Black (son and daughter-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. Henry Black (son and daughter-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Black (son and daughter-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. Buckland (daughter and son-in-law); Mrs. Stokes (a daughter); Mr. Maurice Black (a brother); Messr's Nelson and Albert Black and William Stokes, Misses L.P. and M Black and L. Stokes; Mrs. Thomas; Mrs. Smith (grandchildren); Mrs. Hamblin (sister-in-law); Mr. T. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Black, Mr. and Mrs. T Black, Mr. and Mrs. Deakins and Mrs. Goddard (nephews and nieces).
The floral tributes were numerous and beautiful, they were sent by her husband and children, Amos and family (Jr); Nelson and Sarah; Henry and family; Maurice and family; Leander and family; Selina, Trainette, Maurice and Ann Black (grandchildren); Henry, Maurice, Ivy, Tom and Nelson (grandchildren) at Hungerford;
Nelson, Albert and Ben; Leander and Jack Deakin; Grandchildren Sheppard, Grandchildren Lena and Albert; Grandchildren Smith, Great grandchild Violet Deakin; Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Goodhart; Alf and Rhoda Goddard; Mr. and Mrs. M Goddard; C and C Bicknell; Mrs. Lavina Deakins; Mr. and Mrs. E. Josey; Mr. and Mrs. Angell, etc.
The casket was of polished Elm with bronze fitting, and was inscribed:
Mary Black, died 21st August 1924, aged 81 years."
The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. J Edwards and sons Ltd under the supervision of Mr. James Edwards.

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