Monday, April 16, 2012

Headstone inscriptions, Inkpen

These were taken in 1978 when my husband and I visited the graveyard.
Located in the front of the churchyard:

Alice Black who departed
this life June 21, 1880
Aged 19 years

When from the dust
of death I rise
To take my mansion
in the skies
E'en then shall this
be all my plea
Jesus, hath lived
and died for me.

Amos Black
Died March 18 1875
aged 71 years
(verse under but is unreadable, I think that Jane is buried here also but if her name was there, it was unreadable.)

In Loving memory of
Maurice Black
who departed this life
May 2, 1940
aged 81 years

Then in the back of the

In Loving memory
wife of Amos Black
who died Aug 21 1924
Aged 81 years

"God's hand touched her
and she slept."
Also of
our dear father
Amos Black
who died May 9, 1925
aged 86 years

Walter Black
died May 16 1918
aged 75 years
(There was an inscription but couldn't read)
and of Eliza
Beloved wife
died Mar 31 1928
aged 86 years
(on footstone) erected by her sons
H.L. and E. Black

Below Mary Roberts Black and Amos Black.

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