Monday, April 16, 2012

Death of Mr. Amos Black of Inkpen

In the handwriting of Charlotte Spackman Sullivan, granddaughter of Amos and Mary Jane White Black:

Death of Mr. Amos Black (9 MAY 1925), A well known horse dealer of Inkpen.
Mr. Amos Black, died on Friday at Odiham, where he had gone on a visit to his daughter. Amos, who had reached the age of 86, had lived on Inkpen Common practically all of his life. He was one of the best known men in the district, particularly among those who had to do with horses, either as owners, buyers, or sellers. Amos knew all there was to be known about horses, and did a large business as a dealer. He was healthy in appearance, a character, whom Dickens would have loved to portray. Keen at driving a bargain, there was none who could get the better of him in a deal. He had a keen eye for the points of a good horse, and could show the paces of one, which he was desirous of selling. A man of distinct type, ready in repartee, able to smoke a cigar with keen enjoyment, or crack a whip or a joke with anybody. Motor cars he never approved, because they displaced horses.
Amos Black was a patriarch of a numerous community settled on Inkpen Common. The funeral took place at Inkpen Church on Tuesday in the grave in which his wife was interred only a few months ago.
The mourners were: Messrs Amos Roberts, Nelson, Harry, and Maurice Black (sons), Mrs. Stokes (North Wanborough); Mrs. Stokes (Odiham) and Mrs. Buckland (daughters); Mrs. Nelson Black, Mrs. Harry black, and Mrs. Morris Black (daughters-in-law); Mr. Maurice Black (brother); Mrs. Arabella Black Hamblin (sister); Mr. Nelson and Miss L Black (grandchildren); Messr's T. F. and H. Black and T. Williams (Nephews); Misses S. and E. Stokes, Mrs. Goddard and Mrs. Sheppard (Nieces); and in addition a large number of friends and neighbors were present.
The floral tributes were numerous, and among them were those from Mr. and Mrs. H, Leander and family, Mary and Dick Trainette and family, Nelson and Sally, Henry and Cissie, Morris and Lottie, Morris and Ann, his grandchildren, Alf and Rhoda Goddard and Morris and Dorothy (nieces); Mr. and Mrs. Goodhart; Mr. and Mrs. Bicknell; Mr. and Mrs. Povey; Mrs. W H Taylor and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Bicknell; Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard; Mr. Pearce; Miss Palmer; and W. May. Mrs. Loder and family. Mr. and Mrs. Goddard (Mr. Loder was bedfast and could not attend being an invalid for fifteen years (an old friend of Amos Black.)

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